Laura Lee Los Angeles: Cat’s Pajamas Palette Review and Swatches! | Part 2

Hi friends!

Welcome back! This is part 2 to my Laura Lee Los Angeles Cat’s Pajamas review. Yesterday, I talked a lot about the customer experience and the packaging of this palette so if you haven’t read that post, I would suggest going back to check that out! I split this review into 2 parts because as I was rambling on about the packaging, I realized that I had a lot to say. So today I wanted to talk about the actual eyeshadows and how they perform. Let’s jump into it!

This palette comes with 10 shades, there are 4 matte shades and 6 shimmer shades. (Although there is one shade that is considered a shimmer but really comes across very matte but we will talk about that). I will say right off the bat that the pan sizes are much smaller than I expected. They definitely looked larger online but I am not too worried about it because it is still more eyeshadow than I could ever go through but just for your awareness.


Laura Lee did say that the inspiration behind the shade names were things that people have called her or said to her but there are a few names in this palette that don’t coincide with that. I think this are more just off the wall names for the shades.

In the first row, you have:

Okie Dokie – This is normal cream shade. I think shades like this are essential to a palette because I use them in nearly every look. This one does have great pigment but mostly is is just a normal cream / off white matte shade.

Scatter Brain – This is a champagne-y gold shimmer shade. It is a very beautiful and wearable shade.

Bomb Diggity – This is a tan / brown matte shade. Swatching this next to Okie Dokie and Scatter Brain, I was instantly wowed by the color selection. Those 3 colors just looked so beautiful together.

Cray Cray – This is an orange-y brown matte shade. It feels very nice and is super easy to blend on the eyes.

Redonkulus – This is essentially the shimmer version of Cray Cray. It is a burnt orange, copper shade.

Over all the first row is really beautiful. I think the 5 shades are a good selection of neutral shades that everyone can get a lot use of.


For the second row:

Quirky – This is a dep purple shimmer shade. This is one of the more unique shades of the palette, it is really beautiful.

Kooky – This is probably my favorite shade in the palette, it just has a really nice tone to it. It is a matte plum shade and it looks absolutely beautiful on the eyes.

In One Ear – This is a pinky cranberry shimmer shade. Laura Lee describes this one as burgundy which I don’t really understand. It does have a hint of red in it but not a true burgundy color in my opinion.

Out the Other – This is a dark lilac purple shimmer shade. It is really beautiful as well.

Odd Ball – This is the shade that I mentioned above that is technically considered a shimmer to Laura Lee but it comes across a lot more matte than shimmery. It does have flecks of glitter in it but I wouldn’t consider it as a shimmer. This is a deep black shade and I must say, this is the BEST black shade I have ever seen. It is significantly better than other black shades in my collection, even over Too Faced. Probably the most impressive shade in the palette.


The second row is also really impressive, I think the color selection is beautiful and makes the palette a lot of fun to use. Plus I am so impressed with that Odd Ball shade. I will say that all of these shades were super soft and creamy when swatching. It does seem like a very luxurious formula.

So here is a look that I put together using this palette. I first took Okie Dokie and blended that all over my lid, in the inner corner and on the brow bone. (I even used this shade to cover a really read pimple that I have in between my brows). I then took Bomb Diggity and blended that into my crease just as a transition shade. I then took Kooky and blended that into my crease and a bit on my lid. I just really loved the way Kooky applied and looked my lid. I could have stopped there and been perfectly happy but of course I kept going!

Next I took In One Ear and patted that with my finger on the inner half of my eye lid. And then took Odd Ball and mixed it with Kooky to deepen up the outer half of my eye lid. I didn’t want it to be too dark which is why I mixed the shades. And then lastly, I swept Kooky on my lower lash line.


I really liked the way this look turned out, I am excited to keep playing with this palette. I am really impressed by this palette overall. I think all of the shades are great, I really don’t have a complaint about how any of them perform or look. They actually are pretty luxurious and nice. Especially for a brand new brand. I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone interested!

Let me know down below if you already have this palette and what your thoughts are on it! I would love to know!

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