Makeup & Skincare Anti-Haul August 2018

Hi Friends!

I thought I would go ahead and do another Anti-Haul today! It has been awhile since I posted one of these but really I anti-haul things in my head all the time! There is no way I could afford every makeup or skin care release out there. I have been really inspired to shop my own stash when things come out and just overall get more use out of things I already have. I’m not perfect, I definitely can get drawn in my a new release but sometimes these anti-haul posts can help because I am consciously looking for things I DO NOT need!

  1. Lunar Beauty – Life’s A Drag Palette

If you don’t know Lunar Beauty is Manny MUA’s new cosmetics brand. The first item that he released was the Life’s A Drag eyeshadow palette. It retails for $45 which is a TON! This is absolutely no shade towards Manny but I am just not really inspired by this palette. I don’t think its special, I don’t see myself getting a lot of use out of it and because of that, I don’t want to buy it.

I really knew that I didn’t want to buy this palette when Manny was having a 25% off sale and that dropped the price from $45 to $34. If I can resist a sale, it just means that I really don’t want the product.

Lunar Beauty Life's A Drag Palette | Tayler's Edit

  1. BECCA – Be the Light Face Palette

This pains me to add to the list because you all know how much I LOVE BECCA! I just really don’t like the way this face palette looks. I think it mostly has to do with  the shape of the face powders that just throws me off. It doesn’t look like a lot of product although it is 15 grams.

The “blurring” powder just looks too dark for my skin tone and the blush and contour powders are too small to even get to. And who needs that large of a highlight? This just doesn’t speak to me.

Becca Be a Light Face Palette | Tayler's Edit

  1. Pat McGrath Labs – Lip Fetish Lip Balm

$38 for a lip balm?? It a no for me dawg. Of course, the packaging so luxurious and it looks really pretty but its just a lip balm! I really can’t fathom spending $38 on a lip balm. I feel like you really are just paying for the Pat McGrath name. I think I would get the most out of the satin finish. I definitely wouldn’t get enough use out of the 3 shimmer finishes to justify the cost.

Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Lip Balm | Tayler's Edit

  1. Awake Beauty Vitamin L-I-P Balm with C+E

So Awake Beauty is the new sister brand to Tarte Cosmetics. I really am not interest in anything that they launched with. It all seems over priced and just kind of slapped together. I’m not sure if Tarte wasn’t doing so well, so they decided to launch as a new brand. These is literally nothing that makes this brand stand out. I didn’t want to anti-haul the whole brand though because I don’t know where the wind will take me but I am definitely not interested in this expensive lip balm!!

Awake Beauty Vitamin L-I-P Balm with C+E | Tayler's Edit

  1. Nurse Jamie – Triangle Facial Beauty Tool

This device just looks like a gimmick. They just release a bunch of new items from Nurse Jamie in Sephora and I am interested in a few of them but some of them just look like they are As Seen on TV devices. This particular one is $159 which is crazy – I definitely wouldn’t purchase a device like this until I hear more people talking about it but for now its on the anti-haul list.

Nurse Jamie - Triangle Facial Beauty Tool | Tayler's Edit

Well that is it for me today! I just thought I would share a few items that I am NOT interested in buying. Let me know down below an item that you are currently anti-hauling. I would love to know!

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