Dominique Cosmetics: Lemonade Palette UPDATE! | Is this ACTUALLY a new palette?

Hi Friends!

Today I have an update on the Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade palette! If you didn’t know, this palette was released mid-June but unfortunately they ran into some quality control issues with the palettes that were part of the initial launch. I did a whole post on how this palette recall was communicated so check that out.


Because the initial palette was not up to par, they went ahead and sent out a new palette to everyone that had already purchased the Lemonade palette. I did a review on the initial one and really loved it – there were a couple of shades that weren’t very pigmented but they were still pretty, I didn’t think the quality was bad at all.

Here are the swatches of all the shades (in the new palette)! In the first row you have, Lemon Soda, Pink Lemonade, Nude Tea, Peach, and Cucumber.


And in the second row, you have, Mango, Sweet Tea, Chai Tea, Strawberry, and Blueberry Fizz.


The issue with the first palette was with the foiled shadows, some of them were not as pigmented and they got a little glazed over really quickly. I swatched the foiled shades that seems a little glazed over in my initial palette next to the new palette and honestly.. They look exactly the same.


I can feel the formula update with Pink Lemonade but even the other shades feel exactly the same way. Dominique Cosmetics wasn’t very clear on which shades were the issue but I can’t imagine that they only updated one shade.


There must have been some serious inconsistencies with the initial palette launch. Like I said in my review, my palette was great, there was no reason why I would think they would recall it. Some shades were glazed over but they were still useable.

Something I did thing was interesting though was that the stickers of the shade colors on the back are different. The colors don’t appear as bright as they did on the original palette.

Overall, I still love this palette! It’s ABSOUTELY BEAUTIFUL (still)! I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone and I still majorly respect Dominique Cosmetics honesty. Let me know down below what your thoughts are on the palette recall and the new palette, I would love to know!

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