Pearlessence: Dry Shampoo Review

Hi Friends!

Today, I wanted to talk about the Pearlessence Dry Shampoo. To be honest, I didn’t expect to do a review of this product at all. But I decided that I wanted to share my experience. Mainly so you could completely avoid this product. I bought this dry shampoo at Marshalls in place of my Batiste dry shampoo. I thought I would try something new and this bottle was a dollar less expensive than Batiste, so why not?

Right off the bat, the packaging is really nice. It has a sleek silver tin spray can with the delicate flowers printed on the front. The spray is pretty aggressive, it comes out fast and kind of hard but it does smell nice. This particular bottle is in the scent Rose Petal so it has a slight scent of roses. On the back of the can, this dry shampoo claims to “revive dull, lifeless hair by absorbing excess oils between washes. This lightweight formula is virtually translucent – leaving hair fresh, clean, and easy to style.”


If you couldn’t tell already, I do not like this dry shampoo. It does not soak up any excess oils and leaves my hair still greasy. It is such a disappointment. I usually use dry shampoo when I am in a hurry and don’t have time to shower so to have something that doesn’t help my hair at all, it’s just annoying.

There are some positives to this dry shampoo though. It does add a slight bit of volume to your hair. It adds a grit to your hair so you can comb through it but still maintain some thickness. And luckily, it is translucent as it claimed so you don’t have to worry about any white residue.


Overall, I didn’t buy this to add volume to my hair. I bought it to use as a dry shampoo and it doesn’t shampoo my hair. I went back and got a new bottle of Batiste because I can’t rely on this one. It’s pretty unfortunate. Let me know down below if you have tried this dry shampoo and what your thoughts are! Also let me know what your favorite dry shampoo is, I would love to know!

2 thoughts on “Pearlessence: Dry Shampoo Review

  1. I actually love this product. I did feel as though it makes my hair look less oily and it does give it volume! It doesn’t leave the white which I really dislike. This is my go to dry shampoo. Love the smell too!

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