Lorac: Illuminating Highlighter Review!

Hi Friends!

Today I have a review on the Lorac Illuminating Highlighter in Limelight! I bought this highlighter recently from Marshalls (of course) for only $3.99! I believe this initially retailed for $23 because it is currently being sold at that price on Frends Beauty. This highlighter is a part of Lorac’s I Love Brunch collection which was released earlier this year.

I love that concept for a makeup collection because brunching is such a big thing here in Dallas. Everyone gets dressed up to go to brunch on Saturday and Sunday morning and its just so much fun! I also just love when makeup items have a clear inspiration and theme to them. On the back of this highlighter, Lorac says that this “high-pearl highlighter was inspired by the looks we see at brunch in Hollywood.” I am not really sure what “high-pearl” is but anyway, it also says “whether you are already a star or one in the making, this highlighter is packed with light diffusing, soft focus pigments for a silky, smooth, luminous glow. There’s no rolling out of bed here in LA; so dress to impress, valet the car, and become your own source of light with LORAC.”. So a little bossy there, but still pretty cute inspiration.


I really like the packaging of this highlighter. It has a pearl-esc white container which kind of goes with the “high-pearl” vibe of the highlighter. But most impressively, this highlighter has a magnetic clasp. I just love magnetic clasps, it just feels so luxurious.

So I have to admit something. When I bought this highlighter, I actually thought it was a single eyeshadow. I guess I wasn’t paying too much attention but I thought this was a really unique shade for an eyeshadow so I wanted to add it to my Z-Palette of single eyeshadows but nope. It is actually a highlighter! The color is still very unique.


As you can tell in the swatch, it is a very icy baby blue. But Anastasia Beverly Hills has taught me not to be scared of colorful highlighters. Although this is an icy baby blue color, it is very wearable for me. It is a BRIGHT highlighter but you can keep it somewhat muted and then build it up based on what your preference is. When I first applied it, I didn’t realize how bright it would be but I wore it out to dinner with David and he didn’t say anything at all. He usually would comment on anything that doesn’t seem natural but I don’t think he even noticed that I had an icy blue highlight on.


It does wear really beautifully. It doesn’t emphasize texture but just lays really smoothly on the skin. Ultimately, I really like this highlighter. If you can find it at TJ MAXX or Marshalls then I definitely suggest picking it up (especially for only $3.99).

Let me know what your thoughts on this highlighter are. If you haven’t tried it, what is your favorite highlighter of all time? I would love to know!

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