Anastasia Beverly Hills: Radiant Blush Kit Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

Today I wanted to talk about the Radiant Blush Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. ABH released two blush kits back in October / November of last year, one of them is the one that I am going to talk about today which is the Radiant version. The other one is for much deeper skin tones which is called Gradient which I do not own. I bought the Radiant Blush Kit in November last year, during the winter Sephora VIB sale so I did pay nearly full price for this blush set.

I wanted to say that I nearly paid full price for this blush set because shortly after they were released, both the Radiant and the Gradient kits did come out in TJ MAXX and Marshals whatever reason. I am not sure if they didn’t do that well or what happened.


I can’t speak for the Gradient kit but the Radiant kit is AMAZING! I have really really enjoyed using this blush kit every time I reach for it. It does retail for $30 but this set includes 4 blushes with 4.7 grams each. For the packaging, I love the ombre affect on the outside of the palette. It does also come with a mirror which is a nice addition and it feels pretty heavy and luxurious.


Let’s talk about the shades:

Spoiled – This is a bright bubble gum pink with a bit of sparkle. This blush is beautiful for a really simple look, maybe just some mascara or a light eyeshadow.

Coastline – This is a gorgeous coral / peach matte blush. This is probably my favorite blush in the kit, it just looks really nice on my skin tone and adds a bit of life to my cheeks. I really love it.

Breeze – This is a bit deeper pink matte blush. This is probably my second favorite shade in the kit. It looks really nice on my skin tone, reminds my a bit of the Cargo blush in The Big Easy which I have been using all year and LOVE!

Terrace – This is a darker neutral coral matte blush. This one is a bit dark for me but it is still a really beautiful shade. I think I could get use out of this shade when I am going for a really dramatic blush look.


All four shades are extremely pigmented, you hardly need to tap your brush into the shade. If you even swirl your brush, you probably have picked up too much. Even if you apply a little too much, they blend in perfectly. I really like taking my blush to back of my face, towards my ear so it is easier to blend away any excess.

I love this blush kit. It is one of my favorite set of blushes, I feel like I could take this anywhere and feel confident in the blushes that are in this kit. The quality and variety is fantastic. This is one of the main reasons why I love Anastasia Beverly Hills so much!

Let me know down below what your thoughts on this blush kit are! If you haven’t tried it before, what is your favorite blush? I would love to know!

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