How to Re-Press Broken Eyeshadows!

Hi Friends!

It is devastating when you shatter a piece of your makeup collection. Not too long ago, I was showing something to David and reached for something in my bathroom cabinet and accidently brushed against a Tarte palette that my sister gave me. It came stumbling out and smashed against the bathroom floor. I already knew that I didn’t want to look inside because it was going to be completely broken.

Sure enough – when I opened the palette, two eyeshadows were cracked and the blush in the middle had a few pieces knocked out of it. Luckily, you can re-press powders fairly easily. Today, I thought I would share on how to re-press powder!

DIY - How to Re-Press Makeup | Tayler's Edit

Items needed:

  1. 70% isopropyl alcohol
  2. A tool to break apart the powder (I just used the end of a plastic spoon)
  3. A paper towel or something to press on the powder

DIY - How to Re-Press Makeup | Tayler's Edit


  1. A brush to sweep away excess powder

DIY - How to Re-Press Makeup | Tayler's Edit

Steps to re-press powders:

  1. If your shadow / powder is not broken up evenly, then the first thing you should do it break it up evenly. For example, you can see in my Tarte palette that the dark grey shade was split into 3-4 larger pieces. The first thing I did was just gently break that eyeshadow up into smaller pieces to make it easier to press.
  2. After the powder is broken up evenly, it is time to add the isopropyl alcohol. I just used the cap of the large bottle and gently poured it into the eyeshadow pan. You only need enough alcohol to moisten the shadow. It should be like a thick paste – you don’t want to add too much alcohol.
  3. Next, use the paper towel to press the shadow down into the pan. It should be pressed hard enough that the powder becomes one again. And then let it dry for 24-48 hours.
  4. Lastly, sweep away any excess shadow that may have fallen in other parts of the pan. This part is optional, but I find it necessary EVERY single time I have a broken shadow.

DIY - How to Re-Press Makeup | Tayler's Edit

That is pretty much it! It’s an easy process to save yourself some heartache. Eyeshadows and other powders can be so expensive so I am thankful that they are easily re-pressed at home!

Let me know down below if you have re-pressed your broken powders at home and if you do any other steps that I may have missed. I would love to know!

3 thoughts on “How to Re-Press Broken Eyeshadows!

  1. The only thing I do different is the pressing part. I take something like a coin(for round pans – and sanitized it very well first) or a rectangle/square magnet(or any other small/heavy thing that fits) and then put some plasticine on the back, and add a pencil in to the plasticine(need enough to make it secure). I then just use it to pound the pan flat. I find that it make a more uniform and leveled press, when trying to reform it.

    I don’t really care if it turns out ugly, but I do find this helps with just making the pan even again.

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