5 New Brands To Sephora | September 2018

Hi Friends!

I have been scrolling through Sephora’s new section lately and I am noticing a lot of new brands that are now available! I love when Sephora brings in new brands, it is just more to try and look at and sometimes they are brands that I have heard about for a long time but didn’t know a convenient way to buy from them. I thought I would share some of the new brands that I have been noticing at Sephora just in case you hadn’t noticed yet!

Dominique Cosmetics

I am so excited that Dominique Cosmetics is now at Sephora! I have already purchased the Lemonade palette directly from the Dominique Cosmetics and I absolutely love it. I am excited to see more from this brand and Sephora is my go to retailer for makeup. It will be so easy to try more from them in the future. I am really excited for Christen Dominique. I have been super impressed with this integrity of this brand with the whole palette recall thing. I think they did the right thing and for that reason, I want to keep purchasing from them.

Dominique Cosmetics Sephora | Tayler's Edit

Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Palette Review | Tayler's Edit

Jouer Cosmetics

Jouer Cosmetics is one of those brands that I have heard about through social media for a long time however I never really went out of my way to go directly to their website to purchase. But I  have always kind of been interested in their products. I definitely want to try their foundation (once Sephora has a sale). I was really surprised when I suddenly saw them on Sephora, but still excited!

Jouer Cosmetics Sephora | Tayler's Edit

Nurse Jamie

I first heard of Nurse Jamie from Tati Westbrook, who is my favorite YouTuber. She has been raving about this tool called the Uplift Messaging Beauty Roller. Apparently, they have incredible tools for anti-aging. I had never heard of them before Tati and they are pretty expensive but it is pretty cool to see them in Sephora now! Since they have joined Sephora, I have seem a few other beauty rollers so it seems like the big thing right now.

Nurse Jamie Sephora | Tayler's Edit

Charlotte Tilbury

I was so surprised that Charlotte Tilbury is just now coming to Sephora. I thought they were always available at Sephora since they seem like such a large brand. I received an Influenster package in “celebration” of Charlotte Tilbury going to Sephora so its pretty exciting! But before the Influenster package, I had never tried their products. I was always a bit interested but the price point seemed to deter me. However, the 3 products that I received from Influenster are ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

Charlotte Tilbury Sephora | Tayler's Edit

Influenster x Charlotte Tilbury Review | Tayler's Edit

Winky Lux

I received a Winky Lux lipstick in a Pop Sugar Must Have box that I bought a LONNNNNG time ago. I really liked that lipstick, it was a nice formula but I never really familiarized myself with the brand. Looking through some of their stuff on Sephora, it looks kind of childish. Not really a brand that I would expect to be in Sephora. It seems like lip products are their main claim to fame, they have a few bundles that all include lip balms or lip glosses.

Winky Lux Sephora | Tayler's Edit

Well there you have 5 new brands that just came to Sephora! I know there are a few more than these but I didn’t want to make this post super long. I think its always exciting when Sephora brings in a new brand. I love shopping their so I like seeing new things!

Let me know down below which brand you are most excited for! I would love to know!

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