Wet N Wild: Hasta La Costa Baby Eyeshadow Quad Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends!

I recently posted an unboxing of the full Wet N Wild Flights of Fancy collection and one of the items included was the Hasta La Costa Baby eyeshadow quad. This was one of the most unique eyeshadow quads in the collection so I thought I would review it first!

Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Quads | Tayler's Edit

As I’ve already given away, this quad includes 4 shades. If you purchase this quad by itself, it retails for $2.99 which is an incredible deal! I, of course, bought this palette as a part of the Flights of Fancy collection so it was even less expensive. Wet N Wild is also cruelty free which is amazing.


The way Wet N Wild sets up their quads is very user friendly. They come with a transition, brow bone, crease, and an eyelid shade. They also include an easy pic-torial on the back of how to apply the shades for a complete look. I just really like this because anyone can accomplish a look with this palette. And it shows me that they are considering their customers when they put these shades together.

Transition – This is a matte tan shade which is the perfect transition shade.

Brow Bone – This is an icy white shimmer shade. Obviously, made for your brow bone but it also looks great as an inner corner highlight.

Crease – So this is where is gets interesting. The dark purple shimmery shade in this palette is meant for the crease! If you watch makeup tutorials like I do then you would know that most makeup artists avoid putting a shimmer shade in their crease. But actually is not as shimmery on the eye as it is in the pan or being swatched. This is not as of a pigmented shade when you use a brush to blend it out.

Eyelid – This is a bright teal-ish green shimmer shade. This one takes a bit of building up to get it to full opacity but it does get there! It’s a really pretty shimmery shade. Although, I don’t really wear teal / blue / green shades all over my lid. Obviously, I would like to use this shade as an inner corner highlight or on the lower lash line just to spice things up!


Overall, I really like this little palette! For $2.99, you can get a lot of use out of these 4 shades. I especially like the transition shade. Its just a solid shade. The whole palette is very well made though, they are all quality shades. I have definitely tried the look on the back of the palette and I am thinking of making that a separate post!

Let me know down below if you already have this palette and if you enjoy it! I think it is definitely worth $2.99 if you like to play with a bit of color once in awhile. I would love to know your thoughts!

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