Becca Apres Eye Lights Eyeshadow Palette Review | Tayler's Edit

BECCA: Apres Eye Lights Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends! Today I wanted to talk about the Becca Apres Eye Lights Eyeshadow Palette! I bought this palette awhile ago because it was on sale and after using it for awhile, I wanted to share my thoughts! Becca is one of those brands that just sucks me in, it is just a very classy…

Project Pan 18 in 2018 Update #4 | Tayler's Edit

Rolling Project Pan: 18 in 2018 Update #4 | Finale

Hi Friends! Welcome back to my blog! This year I set a challenge for myself to use up 18 products in my collection. This was my first official project pan and although it is only September, I think I have learned a lot about finishing products. And as you could tell from the title, this…

Becca Champagne Pop Creme Highlighter Review | Tayler's Edit

BECCA: Champagne Pop Highlighter Review and Swatches!

Hi Friends! Today, I thought I would share my thoughts on the Becca Crème Highlighter in Champagne Pop. As you know, I have been using this as my highlighter as part of my 18 in 2018 project pan. Since I have been using this highlighter so much, I have pretty much formed all my opinions…