Makeup Declutter 2018 | Tayler's Edit

Small Makeup Declutter to Start 2019!

Hi Friends! I wanted to start 2019 with a small makeup declutter. I brought in a LOT in 2018 and I figured it was time to let go some of the items that I haven't reached for in a long time. During 2019, I would like to keep a bin of items I want to…

Project Pan 18 in 2018 Update #4 | Tayler's Edit

Rolling Project Pan: 18 in 2018 Update #4 | Finale

Hi Friends! Welcome back to my blog! This year I set a challenge for myself to use up 18 products in my collection. This was my first official project pan and although it is only September, I think I have learned a lot about finishing products. And as you could tell from the title, this…

AMJ 2018 Beauty Empties | Tayler's Edit

Apr, May, & Jun Empties! (Over $400 Used Up)

Hi Friends! It is time for another empties post! I did my first empties post about 3 months ago and I have built up quite a bit of beauty trash since then! If you didn't see my last empties post then I would suggest checking that out as well. I am splitting out each category…