DIY - How to Re-Press Makeup | Tayler's Edit

How to Re-Press Broken Eyeshadows!

Hi Friends! It is devastating when you shatter a piece of your makeup collection. Not too long ago, I was showing something to David and reached for something in my bathroom cabinet and accidently brushed against a Tarte palette that my sister gave me. It came stumbling out and smashed against the bathroom floor. I…

Esfolio Foot and Heel Peeling Mask Review | Tayler's Edit

Esfolio: Foot & Heel Peeling Mask Review!

Hi Friends, I don't know about you but every time summer comes around, my feet get super dry and cracked. I think it is because of how often I wear sandals instead of enclosed shoes but either way, I always need to treat them with extra care during the summer time. I have tried other…