Halo Beauty: Hair, Skin, and Nails Beauty Booster Review | 3 Month Update

Hi Friends,

I have officially completed the third month of the Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, and Nails Beauty Booster vitamins! I bought a three month supply because I wanted to give these vitamins the best chance of really helping my hair, skin, and nails. I have mentioned this in my previous monthly updates but my main concern has been my skin. I don’t have too many struggles with my hair – it has always been pretty healthy. I have a bad habit of biting my nails but I really was more concerns with my skin than anything else.

Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, and Nails Beauty Booster Review | Tayler's Edit

So here is my three month update!


I have to be honest, over three months, I haven’t really seen a huge difference in my hair. Like I mentioned above, I have always had pretty healthy hair. (Expect for in middle school – early high school when I over teased my hair). But since then, I don’t use a lot of heat on my hair so over the years its been pretty healthy.

My hair has grown a lot over the past couple of months but I am not sure if it is attributed to these vitamins. I definitely wouldn’t just take these vitamins for my hair. If I saw any improvement, it felt like I was losing less hair in the shower for a bit but that didn’t seem to last.


My skin has had its ups and downs in the past three months! For awhile, I still had acne coming up in little spots here and there. And then it seemed like it had subsided and calmed down for awhile but when my period would come around, I would get another break out.

I have been off of Halo Beauty for a couple of weeks now and my acne has definitely gotten worse. So it did seem like it was helping slightly. But I don’t think it helped as much as I was really expecting for my skin.


My nails have also had their ups and downs as well. Sometimes they would feel strong and look healthy but then I would get to biting them and they wouldn’t look that great. I definitely don’t blame Halo for biting my own nails but I have seen just as many benefits with just taking biotin which is significantly cheaper.

Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, and Nails Beauty Booster Review | Tayler's Edit

Overall, these vitamins just didn’t do enough for me. They were pretty disappointing to say the least. I really wanted these to be miracle vitamins for me. I have seen so many amazing before and afters and I really wanted that to be me but unfortunately it wasn’t. These vitamins are super expensive but I think good skin care is worth it. I would have definitely stuck with these vitamins for the long term if they did enough for me.

But I do want to say that even though they didn’t work for me – it doesn’t mean that they won’t work for you. Everyone’s skin, hair, and nails are different!

I am somewhat interested in the Halo Beauty Kiwi vitamins since they are focused on skincare but they are also pretty expensive and I am not ready to commit. I am trying out a multi-vitamin from Olly which I saw at Target. They were only $13 or so, so I hope they help more than Halo!

Let me know down below if you tried Halo and how your like it! I would love to know!

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